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about hope2help.com

hope2help.com is a project to help families and marriages using two of Dick's areas of expertise mental health & game design to come up with a fun and effective way of helping families and marriages grow in loving closeness and various critical skills.

Dick Wulf, MSW, LCSW

Dick Wulf, MSW has over 40 years of experience as a psychotherapist and in small group and team leadership. He helps families, marriages, kids and individuals.

Dick received his B.A. in Social Welfare from the University of California at Berkeley in 1965. His Masters Degree in Social Work is from the Columbia University School of Social Work in New York City (1967), where his major course of study was Group Work.

Dick Wulf moved to Colorado Springs in 1969 to be a group therapist at the Pikes Peak Mental Health Center. He ran ten therapy groups a week and did his share of new client intakes. Dick more than doubled the size of PPMHC when, in 1972, two grants were funded for two programs bringing 60 new mental health professionals and support staff on board. Eventually, Dick became the Program Director of the Pikes Peak Mental Health Center. Dick utilized his small group leadership skills in program design, supervision, and project management to help with the building of PPMHC from one office to twenty-six.

While at Pikes Peak Mental Health, Dick also served on many community councils, boards and governmental committees, often as the chairperson. Dick has also consulted where team dysfunction threatened either survival of a company or huge lawsuits.

In 1983, Dick authored a book titled Find Yourself - Give Yourself. It went through three printings and was one of the top five finalists for the Gold Medalion Award. Dick has consulted to many organizations.

Dick is also the designer of the game DragonRaid.

Jean Wulf, MSW, LCSW

Jean Wulf, MSW, has 23 years experience as a psychotherapist. She received her BA in Sociology from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, in 1977 (after a twelve-year break to get married and have two children). Jean received her Masters Degree in Social Work in 1983 from Denver University.

Jean's "career focus" has been to have a family and be helpful to others throughout life. She was glad to earn her degrees and use them professionally from 1977 to 2000. Most of Jean's work was in private practice, but she was also active on the Board of Directors of community organizations such as the Pregnancy Center and the Rescue Mission.

Jean has worked with individuals, families, marriages and children. She understands first hand the importance of the family unit to success, productivity and sense of well-being. Jean now enjoys her three adult daughters and their families (including 3 grandsons). She also partners with husband Dick to reach families, couples and kids with their tools to help develop communication skills.

Jean also enjoys being a Creative Memories consultant.


We are a private, sole proprietorship company with no desire to make money by using, giving, renting or selling your private information to anything but our own efforts. You may or may not get emails occasionally from us regarding new products or new ideas. Often what you will get from us are free ideas for enhancing your relationships with people, especially your family and friends.

In other words, your private information stays with us. At any time that we bother you in any way, just tell us that you do not want us to contact you, and we will respect and honor your privacy.

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