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Great Refrigerator Communication

Tool Kit


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Great Refrigerator Communication Tool Kit

Do you want . . .

... your family members to communicate their needs better?

This simple system uses a small communication center chart held onto your fridge by magnets. When necessary, family members place their own magnet on the chart to alert parents of a need. More personal needs are communicated by a small form placed somewhere secure that is designated by the parent(s). The fact that there is a message waiting is signaled by the placement of the personal magnet on the communication center chart.

The six magnets are the best looking magnets on the market. They look like translucent, colorful game pieces and are very strong. (I bought my first six for $10 and love them. I will keep them for a long time because they are so attractive.)

This Tool Kit also contains a refrigerator chart to help keep the family's important dates in mind.

$22 includes shipping & handling


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