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Grandparent's Positive Influence Tool Kit


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Grandparent's Positive Influence Tool Kit

* Developed for grandparents by grandparents. *

research explaining why talking as a family is so critical

This inexpensive Helpful Grandparent's Positive Influence Tool Kit can help you make a real contribution to your grandchildren's success. Isn't that what you really want to do?

6 dialogue game grids to help
your grandchildren learn to talk
and think for success

2 activity lists to give you
more ideas for having fun together

Successful Dialogue Booklet

Memory Recording Worksheets

Affirmation Planner

Can be used with your grandchildren whether they live nearby or far away.

The Communication Tools in Game Format

Our Favorites (Grandparenting Conversations Game Grid # 1)
It's a lot of fun to hear about 36 of each other's favorite things.

Don't You Just Wish? (Grandparenting Conversations Game Grid # 2)
Find out a lot about one another with these 36 fantasy questions.

Let Me Tell You ! (Grandparenting Conversations Game Grid # 3)
This grid helps you talk together with 36 fun and meaningful items.

What's Good About . . . ? (Grandparenting Conversations Game Grid # 4)
Build "Can Do" attitudes by thinking together of 3 good things about these 36 challending items.

Solving Problems (Grandparenting Conversations Game Grid # 5)
Develop the kind of thinking that focuses on solving problems rather than complaining or giving up.

Great Thinking ! (Grandparenting Conversations Game Grid # 6)
Dialogue about these 36 values and instill discernment and good judgment.

Dialogue Questions to help grandparents
build responsibility
& mature thinking into their grandchildren

Successful Dialogue Booklet

Learn how to use dialogue to help your grandchildren grow in many thinking and talking skills. Talking builds many skills necessary for scholastic and career success.

Consider this quote from a news magazine called The Week, 9/5/03.

Don't expect schools to "fix" the legions of poor kids who are flunking their lessons, said William Raspberry in The Washington Post. Today, every urban school district in America is facing enormous pressure to raise the academic achievement of kids from impoverished families. But the hard truth is that schools just can't make up for what children's parents fail to provide—and an exhaustive study proves it. Researchers Betty Hart and Todd R. Risley spent countless hours with both middle-class and poor families, carefully observing the interactions between parents and kids. They found that the most important predictor of academic success is how much verbal stimulation parents provide early in a child's life. A child whose parents talk to him often, using large, varied vocabularies, almost always does far better in school than a child whose parents themselves are inarticulate. And in professional and working-class homes, parents speak directly to their children more than twice as often. the difference between the amount of stimulation that poor and middle-class kids receive, the researchers concluded, "is so huge as to be essentially unbridgeable." So educators and politicians can speak all they like about raising test scores and leaving no child behind. Until the nation's underclass learns what it is doing wrong, our society's best-intentioned efforts are doomed to failure.

Memory Recording Worksheets

If you want to keep track of what each of your grandchildren say when you talk to them as well as how their answers change over time, these worksheets allow you to keep a record.

Your grandchildren's parents probably do not have the time to be this careful in keeping track of thinking and maturing.

Affirmation Planner

It is difficult to name all of the good qualities of each of your grandchildren. But, it is extremely important for them to get broad affirmation. The Affirmation Planner lists over 100 character qualities so that you can identity those you want to make sure each of your grandkids know they have. You will also see some that need your encouragement for them to blossom in your grandchild. (By the way, I, Dick Wulf, should know. I wrote a book about this titled Find Yourself – Give Yourself published in 1983. That's where the list of good qualities comes from.)

2 activity lists to give you more ideas for having fun together

Here are 123 activities to add some variety in what you do with your grandchildren.

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