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Great Family Activities Tool Kit


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The Great Family Activities Tool Kit

Many activities to build better family relationships through fun and intriguing activities.
Keep the family having fun together.
Includes a Family Survival Audio CD for when traveling or waiting too long.

contains this compact disk:

Family Survival Audio CD
For when you are traveling too far, waiting in line too long, and killing too much time.

contains these game grids:

Family Activities (Activity Game Grids # 1a & 1b)
200 things to do as a family to add variety to activities together.

Make Someone Happy (Activity Game Grid # 2a)
Things that a family can do together to bring happiiness to others.

Loosen Up ! (Activity Game Grid # 2b)
Things to do together to take a break from the seriousness of life.

Internet Explorations (Activity Game Grid # 2c)
50 ways the family can explore the helpfulness of the Internet.

Great Stories (Activity Grid # 3a) ** Note: included in Games Tool Kit #3
Make up fun and interesting stories by the roll of the die and 300 choices.

Car Scavenger Hunt (Activity Grid # 3b) ** Note: included in Games Tool Kit #2
Create endless unique and different scavenger hunts for car trips.

Nature Adventures (Activity Grid # 4a) ** Note: included in Games Tool Kit #4
100 things of nature to explore and experience together.

Sports Adventures (Activity Grid # 4b)
100 sports and athletic activities to enjoy together in some way or other.

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