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Give your children and teens attitudes, wisdom, values, problem-solving skills
and experiences they will need for success.

We want to show you a way of leading your family so that each of your children has some good leadership skills, knows how to deal with people, is not selfish or self-focused, possesses strong confidence and self-respect, and knows how to be a good team member.

600 dialogue questions
100 family night activities

to be used in game or list format
to help build the thinking and attitudes that make success
the Family Leadership for the Success of Your Kids Booklet

This kit can help add thousands of dollars to your
children's future earnings and much to their happiness.


stimulate greater and greater family contributions,
improve cooperation regarding chores,
instill positive attitudes that lead to more happiness and less complaining,
instill wisdom and values that enhance the chance for success,
develop problem-solving skills,
provide a variety of things to do during family nights,
and foster helpful attitudes and actions toward all family members.

The Great Family Leadership & Success Tool Kit provides a process to use for years to build responsibility, problem-solving and decision-making skills, values & wisdom.

The Great Family Leadership & Success Tool Kit contains six grids of 100 items each for a total of 600 items to talk about, using dialogue, a safe and fun form of communication. And there are 100 activity ideas for times when the family just wants to have fun together. The Great Family Leadership & Success Tool Kit comes with an instructional booklet titled Family Leadership for the Success of Your Kids.

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>>  Don't miss a day.  Start leading smart right away!  <<

Satisfaction is in your control, but you ought to skip a movie, buy the Great Family Leadership & Success Tool Kit, and greatly improve your kids' chances for success.)

$15.00 plus $4 shipping and handling = $19.00

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The Great Family Leadership & Success Game and Dialogue Grids include:

Incentives & Rewards  (Family LeadershipGrid # 1)
Affirm your children when they make notable family contributions.

Positive Attitude  (Family Leadership Grid # 2)
Build "Can Do" attitudes by having everybody think of 3 good things about these 200 items.

Wisdom & Values  (Family Leadership Grid # 3)
Dialogue about these 100 wise values and instill discernmet and good judgment.

Creative Problem-Solving  (Family Leadership Grid # 4)
Develop the kind of thinking that focuses on solving problems rather than complaining or giving up.

Family Night  (Family Leadership Grid # 5)
Help Family Night success using these 100 ideas that can be selected by a roll of the ten-sided die.

Giving Gifts  (Family Leadership Grid # 6)
Be on each other's side, in each other's cheering section, and active in affirming one another.

The Great Family Leadership & Success Tool Kit costs only $15 plus $4 shipping and handling. The success of your kids is of great value.

And, the value in your children's future earnings from the confidence, the wisdom and values, the positive approach to life, and the skills in problem-solving and affirming others could easily be from $10,000 to $50,000. Match that against the cost of the grids and you find that this is a small expense for such a great return on investment.

Add the Great Family Leadership Tool Kit and push it to $100,000 to $150,000-- all for just another $19!

Add the Great Parenting Conversations Tool Kit and raise the potential figure to $200,000 to $250,000.

What can you possibly lose?

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$15.00 plus $4 shipping and handling = $19.00

satisfaction guaranteed or your money back

These communication aids were designed by myself, Dick Wulf, MSW, clinical social worker and psychotherapist for over 40 years. I am also a published author and game designer.

Family leadership goes beyond parenting and managing kids and events. Parenting often goes no further than raising individual children. Family leadership builds the family.

And, good family leadership is much more than just making sure there are no problems. There are many other very important qualities you want to give your kids than good school grades and no trouble with the law.

When I speak of leading your family, I am not talking about leading family members. I am talking about leading your family as a whole. Everyone will be more successful if you help family members within the context of leading your family as a whole.

A family is an organism with a life of its own. Every family is a social entity where either everyone is out for themselves or everyone is out for one another or somewhere between. Think about it. Do you think people have more success if they just focus on themselves and their own pursuits, or if they allow others to help them succeed, and, at the same time, return the favor?

Think about what you want to happen in your family. Do you want bickering kids who are only looking out for their own interests? No, you want a family that is more peaceful and works out problems because they want family to be a pleasant experience.

$15.00 plus $4 shipping and handling = $19.00

satisfaction guaranteed or your money back

This Tool Kit is included in the


The Great Family Conversations Tool Kit
The Great Parenting Conversations Tool Kit
The Great Family Leadership for Success Tool Kit
The Kids' Chores Management Tool Kit
The Behavioral Growth Tool Kit
The Great Family Activities Tool Kit
"Why Chores & Rules" Audio CD
"Dialogue Skills for Effective Parenting" Audio CD

all in an attractive binder
conversations grids in page protectors
"Getting Started" audio CD

8 powerful tools to prepare your kids for life

Introductory Price*: $85 plus $9 shipping and handling

Standard pricing policies of at least 4 to 8 times production cost mandates a price range of $149.68 to $299.36, but as we are establishing the Family Success Master Plan in the marketplace, you can get it for $85 plus shipping and handling.



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