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Child Safety Games Tool Kit

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Child Safety Games Tool Kit


The inexpensive Child Safety Games Tool Kit can help you keep your kids safe from 14 serious dangers they might face, including abduction, bicycle accidents, fire, being home alone, kidnaping, danger at the mall, molestation, danger at school as well as the natural disasters of earthquake, flood, hurricane, lightning, snow and cold, and tornado.

Make this a part of your insurance
against family disaster.

15 card games covering 14 dangers

Safety Test CD and booklet

Home Alone Safety
Fire Safety
Abduction Safety
School Safety
Bicycle Safety
"Hanging Out" Safety
Molestation Prevention
House Safety
Snow & Cold Safety
Thunderstorm & Lightning
Tornado Safety
Earthquake Safety
Hurricane Safety
Flood Safety


Better Be Safe Than Sorry!
Do all you can to keep your kids safe.

These 15 very simple card games build quick thinking responses to dangerous situations. They are played by two people or alone in a solitaire game.

Each card game consists ten critical safety teachings (150 total in the fifteen games). Players match the first half of a safety instruction with the second half, reading them aloud. After only a couple of games the very important lessons begin to be quite familiar.

An example from the FIRE SAFETY GAME:  "If your clothes catch on fire, ..."     THEN   "… Stop - Drop - Cover - Roll. Cover yourself with something quick, if available, and roll. Do not run!"

comes in a heavy weight zippered bag to store the 15 card games

Most of the information in these games came from reputable sources on the Internet, sources like the Red Cross, fire departments, police departments, state insurance organizations, educational institutions, and others.

The Child Safety Games Tool Kit and its 15 games costs only $25 plus $4 shipping and handling (a little over a dollar a game). The value of these 15 card games will hopefully never be known. If your children know what to do to be safer, hopefully there will never be any harmful situations to prove the value of these games.

However, you probably want to take every precaution you can in order to keep your kids safe. Buying this Child Safety Games Tool Kit can be one of the critical things to do.

$25 total for something that can help keep your children safe — that's not a bad idea! You will gain peace of mind when you use these games. And, then, using the Test CD, you can see if your children know what to do in dangerous situations and conditions.

What can you possibly lose? Buy this child safety kit today.

$29 includes shipping & handling


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