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privacy policy

We are a private, sole proprietorship company with no desire to make money by using, giving, renting or selling your private information to anything but our own efforts. You may or may not get emails occasionally from us regarding new products or new ideas. Often what you will get from us are free ideas for enhancing your relationships with people, especially your family and friends.

In other words, your private information stays with us. At any time that we bother you in any way, just tell us that you do not want us to contact you, and we will respect and honor your privacy.

If, however, you join us as an associate, meaning that you help us in our mission to help families and marriages for a commission, then there may be some exceptions to the above policy. However, right now I can think of none.

Dick Wulf, MSW
psychotherpist and family consultant
game designer
small group and team effectiveness consultant

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