Note: I wish I could guarantee results, but success depends on many
factors. Do the best you can, and let's hope you have success.


Here's something that we did as a family for years. It accomplished much:

changed sibling rivalry into sibling appreciation

did away with self-centeredness in the family

helped everyone feel good about being helpful and contributing to the family

fostered a positive family attitude

instilled skills in affirming, loyalty, appreciation, & team cooperation

You can do this too! The Excellent Family Member Award will encourage family cooperation and help everyone feel good about contributing to the family's happiness and success.

a great way to build affirmation and appreciation
into your family's way of relating

Take anything that can make a good trophy and turn it into an award that will encourage family members to work cooperatively and help out the family. The family can work together to design one.

We used a plastic egg (one used for Easter) mounted on a wooden block. A small American flag (or your country's flag) in a block of wood would emphasize good citizenship. A class goblet could be engraved with the name of your choice. I'm sure that your family can come up with a wonderful Award Trophy to pass around each day.

Label it "Excellent Family Member Award" or anything you wish. We called our award the "Good Egg Award". Call yours whatever you wish.

Here is how it works.

Each night when the family gathers (usually for dinner, but you can do it during a commercial on t.v.), the person who has the Excellent Family Member Award from the night before (or the last time the family gathered together) awards it to someone else, mentioning something appreciated which the person getting the award did to help the family in the last couple of days.


2002 Dick Wulf, Colorado Springs, CO, USA


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