Dick Wulf, MSW, LCSW
(719) 659-6102


Dick Wulf, MSW, LCSW
Licensed Psychotherapist
Marriage and Family Skills Trainer and Coach
Team and Small Group Effectiveness Trainer, Consultant and Coach

Dick has over 41 years of experience as a psychotherapist and in small group and team leadership. He helps families, marriages and individuals.

Dick received his B.A. in Social Welfare from the University of California at Berkeley in 1965. His Masters Degree in Social Work is from the Columbia University School of Social Work in New York City (1967), where his major course of study was Group Work.

Dick's work with groups in the South Bronx of New York City was the one student example of group work presented to all the professional group work community of New York City in 1967. It was then published in the book The Practice of Group Work edited by William Schwartz, the originator of the group work model Dick teaches.

Dick has used the group work skills he learned to break ground in many areas, including stopping homosexual rape completely for four years at the military maximum security prison at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. He also used group work (therapy) to help the angriest, most assaultive prisoners leave solitary confinement and get on with their lives.

Dick Wulf moved to Colorado Springs in 1969 to be a group therapist at the Pikes Peak Mental Health Center. Soon, Dick became the Program Director of the Pikes Peak Mental Health Center, supervising the clinical programs of all 26 offices.

While at Pikes Peak Mental Health, Dick also served on many community councils, boards and governmental committees, often as the chairperson. Dick has consulted to many organizations, often where team dysfunction threatened either survival of a company or huge lawsuits.70's and presently.

Dick has been president of the Pleasant Valley Neighborhood Association in Colorado Springs twice: back in the 70's and presently. He has also been active in church leadership positions.

In 1983, Dick authored a book titled Find Yourself - Give Yourself. It went through three printings and was one of the top five finalists for the Gold Medalion Award by the Christian Booksellers Association.

Dick is also the designer of the game DragonRaid, a role-playing game that teaches Christian principles, helpful behavior and problem-solving skills.

Dick and his wife Jean, also a psychotherapist, have The Great Relationships Store which publishes and sells 13 relationship-building products.

Dick and Jean married in 1965. They have three daughters and four grandsons.







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