Psychotherapy & Counseling in the Pikes Peak Region
Dick Wulf, MSW, LCSW              Jean Wulf, MSW, ACSW
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Our basic fee is $100 per 50-minute session discounted to $90 because we use our home as our office. (We usually spend 60 minutes but can only promise 50 minutes. The 50-minute hour is the standard time for counseling sessions.)

Insurance may help with the cost. HMOs will not.** Temporarily, only those seeing Dick can bill back to their insurance. Soon, Jean will reinstate her Colorado license (she took a number of years off to do other things). Our policy is that insurance reimburse you, not pay us. (You get reimbursed much faster than we get paid.) Our billing specialist will give you what you need to get reimbursed, provided your insurance company will do so. (Check this out before you make an appointment -- ask if they will cover an "out-of-network provider who is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker".)

We do see some people on a pro-bono basis (free), but they must be in a family living at the poverty line through no fault of their own. We also see a few people at reduced fees for good cause. Unfortunately, we usually have as many pro-bono and reduced fee clients as we can afford to help. For this we are sad, as we wish we had the wherewithal to be available to everyone.

People usually pay their bill in full as they come, or monthly. However, because Dick and Jean want to be available to some whose income does not allow keeping up with their bill, they allow them to pay over time. This is at no interest for the first year, but with a $5 per month billing fee beginning with the 13th month since they were last seen in therapy.

** We understand the need to keep medical costs down, but HMOs could do this in a way that allow people to choose someone with whom they feel comfortable or someone with years of experience.  Often the choices given you by your HMO are inadequate to meet your needs. That is what we don't like about HMOs – they severely limit choice in picking the person you are going to trust with your personal feelings and secrets. Choosing a therapist is not like buying a pack of gum at a convenience store!



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