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The Family & Marriage
Treasure Cards Ministry

can help your church disciple members while they reach out to help &
share the Good News of Jesus Christ

reach out with Jesus' caring love

help families, couples and kids

reduce divorce & family dissolution
prevent crime

bring many to Christ

grow the size of your church

disciple your church members

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explain the Family & Marriage Treasure Cards Ministry that can help your community so much.


The Family & Marriage Treasure Cards Ministry is an urgent intervention to reduce family pain in America. It is a act of compassion on the part of the church. It helps both healthy and unhealthy families and marriages. It is servant evangelism. It is critical help to children and teens! It has great potential to reduce crime and its exorbitant cost and disastous consequences.

Treasure Cards are fun tools given out weekly that encourage dialogue in families and marriages. Dialogue is talking that builds relationships. It strengthens marriages and families against divorce and hurtful interactions. (View Treasure Cards)

Each participating Church Household receives four 26-week Family & Marriage Treasure Card Sets in each Ministry Kit. One set is used and the other three Treasure Card Sets are given out to strengthen three non-church families/marriages, as well as give kids critical life skills for success.

This positively impacts your community and draws people to your church. 50 Church Households would show loving concern to 150 non-church families every week. In six months, 3,900 personal and helpful outreach contacts would occur.


We also have an option to purchase Sets individually if you think church households will not be able to reach 3 families. And, for church planting efforts we have less expensive Sample Packs.


And, for church planting efforts before there is a sizable base, we have Family & Marriage Treasure Cards Sample Packs. (Click here to learn about Sample Packs.)

Can we show you more about how your church can (1) help your community's families couples and kids, (2) prevent hurtful childhood disasters, and (3) bring people to Christ and into your church? Email us and we will send you the details in PDF form. Click at top for explanatory web pages.

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For we do not preach ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord,

and ourselves as your servants for Jesus' sake.

2 Cor 4:5


Dick Wulf, MSW, LCSW
(719) 659-6102
Jean Wulf, MSW, ACSW
(719) 659-6097

60+ combined years helping churches, individuals,
families, marriages,
teams, and organizations







The Family & Marriage Treasure Cards Ministry helps solve some of America's
most pressing problems.


drug & alcohol abuse

poor school performance

child abuse


teen suicide

impoverished families

lifelong underachievement


high governmental expense

and much more.


Tool Kits to Help Your Family or Marriage


Great Family Conversations
Parenting Conversations
Kids' Chores Management
Behavioral Growth
Family Leadership
Refrigerator Communication
Parenting Dialogue CD
"Why Chores and Rules" CD
Great Family Activities
Child Safety Games
Grandparents Tool Kit
Couple Conversations
Couple Fun Conversations

Great Faith Conversations and Prayer Tool Kit
Meditation & Prayer Tool Kit


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